Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recovery Reflection: July 7th - 13th

Knee Update:

Last week had a few ups and downs, recovery-wise. By Thursday (my second PT appointment), I was frustrated that I'd have a day where my knee didn't act up at all only to have a really rough day (ie: heck NO I am not walking to campus from the freeway bus stop. 48 bus, you'd better get your rear in gear and pick me up PROMPTLY) right afterward. My PT said this made sense, especially if I pushed myself a little harder on the good days because I felt like I could (which I TOTALLY did).

I've become that person who takes photos of her shadow while waiting for the bus.

Lots of good cardio, this last week, which culminated in what was going to be a 24 mile bike ride to and from the LFP farmer's market after my volunteering gig with See Jane Run. It just so happens, however, that my BFF's mom manages that farmer's market, so I shouldn't have been surprised that said BFF appeared an hour or two into my jam-picking, ice cream tasting, berry inspecting farmer's market adventure and suggested he drive me (and my bike) back to his place to eat freezer pizza and watch a bad (okay, medium) movie his fiance won't watch with him.

Of course I accepted, and yesterday's legs are telling me that that was an okay choice.

Here's how my week of training went:

  • Monday: Dog walk. Blood donation (which basically counts as a pound of weight loss until you make it up in tomato juice in 24-48 hours... so it's a lie).

  • Tuesday: Weight circuit (arms, core, upper back), 35 minutes on the elliptical, and a dog walk.
Walking to campus. You can't see it, but Rainier is framed by those trees in the background. Because whoever designed UW is a boss, and created a straight line view from Red Square, through fountain and stadium, to Mt. Rainier. That's a little too much forward thinking for me to even fully comprehend.
  • Wednesday: Weight circuit (legs, core, lower back), 35 minutes on the elliptical, dog walk. 
  • Thursday: Physical Therapy and a dog walk.
  • Friday: 35 minutes on the elliptical and a dog walk.
  • Saturday: Dog walk. Also, I'm standing strong by my decision that packing up your belongings and cleaning someone else's house at the end of a housesitting gig is totally a workout. I was sweating profusely by the time I was ready to leave!
  • Sunday: Volunteered at the See Jane Run half marathon in Seattle from 6am - noon, rode my bike 12 miles to the Lake Forest Park Farmer's Market!

Received numerous organizational compliments after running bag check for 1500+ runners by myself on Sunday. My new calling?

This is actually the Issaquah Farmer's Market, but you get the idea. I might've gone to two farmer's markets this weekend. Don't worry about it.

Total Distance:  Shh.
Average Pace:  Just stop.

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Weights twice (arms on Tuesday, legs on Thursday). (Yep!) 
  2. PT. Keep up with exercises. (BAM.)
  3. Spin and elliptical at least twice. (I just did elliptical, but we'll count the bike ride as spinning.)
New use for Oiselle's Runfinity Scarf during heat waves: elbow saver while you do planks. Obviously I love planks. Especially side planks.

Goals for Upcoming Week:
  1. Weights twice.
  2. PT. Keep up with exercises.
  3. Spin and elliptical at least three times.


  1. Sunday was such a great day for biking! I cruised out to Kenmore on the BG. I've never hit up the Lake Forest Park farmer's market, is it a good one? All of the houses up there are SO nice!

    1. I love the LFP farmer's market, but I'm also not an impartial party. :) Social Ice Cream is super delicious (she makes dairy free flavors, too, that are astoundingly tasty), and Blue Cottage Jams are the BEST. There's some good falafel, huge selections of berries, and the basics. Not a large farmer's market, but worth checking out!

  2. It's good to hear that you're able to get in some other exercising until you can run again like you'd like to!

    1. Agreed! Gym memberships are a godsend when running just isn't working out. :) Thanks for stopping by, Tina!