Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Last Three Weeks in Photos

Hi friends! Quick update, because I'm finishing my last-minute details before heading to bed. I leave for Scotland, France, and England tomorrow!

Summer quarter at UW: sunshine, studious comrades, and Chaco sandals.
Went into my classroom a few times to make table groups and generally stare at things without accomplishing much.

Anyone miss my #transformationtuesday post on Instagram?

Workin' on that core strength.

In addition to generally accomplishing nothing productive in my classroom, I made a bulletin board of Mount Rainier.

Went on a hike with this coordinated gentleman.

First time attempting a run since my 0.5 mile failure a week after the half marathon of doom.

My college roommate (top left) is not only gorgeous and super smart, but also a dancer. Her dance group killed it, this weekend!

Benefit to housesitting in my parents' neighborhood: driving past this little nugget more often than usual.

First LEGITIMATE run (ie: I planned it, I rocked it) post disaster. Two miles of an awesome knee and way pitiful cardiovascular endurance. Progress.

If you want to listen to music that is ridiculously wonderful, check out my friends The Senate. Spending an evening in their musical company was the best way to say "goodbye" to the US for a few weeks.

If you want to follow along on my adventure through Europe, follow me on Instagram! I'll write up a super excellent and informative post when I return in late August, but do you really want to wait that long to see photos of strangers hiking through the Scottish Highlands?

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