Sunday, September 21, 2014

Three Months, One Post


So it's been a while. A too-long while. And while I have plenty of perfectly good reasons why I've been living blog-free since July, they don't matter.

I'm back, and here to give you a freaky-fast synopsis of the ins and outs of July, August, and September.


  • Finished two summer graduate courses and celebrated in the only way I know how, with BFFs and beers.

  • Saw my favorite band perform together after a four year hiatus. These fellas got me through college without going through a nervous breakdown.

  • Hopped on a plane that got me about halfway through the Arctic Circle before August began.

  • Iceland!

  • Scotland!

  • Met up with my REI group and spent seven days backpacking the Scottish Highlands. My mind takes me back there every single day. What a dream.

  • Though I was devastated to leave my group, I was lucky enough to be invited to (and/or invite myself to) my former teacher's home in Blois, France. My heart and mind may have been left in Scotland, but I managed to find ways to love France, as well. :)

  • After five days in France, tackling train exchanges and airports in a non-native language, I made it to England for the final leg of my trip.

Since returning, I've been immersed in my life as a teacher. I'm rocking out with 21 4th and 5th grade learners, this year, and after three weeks we're starting to get the kinks in our routines worked out. :)

So sorry about the hiatus, friends, and here's to the upcoming seasons of reflection and thankfulness!

Up next: a race review for Beat the Blerch. My goal: to post it before three months have passed me by!

What are you all up to?


  1. Welcome back :) So nice to see again so many of these great photos :)

    1. It has been so fun to relive my trip each time I flip through my photos. :) Thanks for popping by, friend!

  2. Did you just have a layover in Iceland? I am heading to Iceland in 3 weeks!

    1. Yep! When you fly IcelandAir (which was my cheapest option) all flights are routed through Iceland. It was a small little airport but a welcome stop on what would've been a much longer flight! What're you going to be doing in Iceland?