Monday, February 16, 2015

Back in the Game

On today's run, my iPhone decided it ran out of battery at mile 4. Without tunes and the semi-robotic Nike+ voice in my ear every mile, I had a miraculous 9 minutes of calm, quiet, thinking time... until I turned my phone back on to find that it really had 45% battery life left. iPhone 5, it's almost time to quit you.

But here's the point: during that unplugged mile, I realized that last year was a pretty rough one, running-wise. While my first half marathon of the year was an absolutely fun, motivating PR... my second half marathon led to an injury that made it my last half marathon of the year. In June.

I've become a bit of a regular at PT, I know what questions to ask, how and when to ice/apply heat, and how to run differently to improve my form and avoid injuries.

I've learned that if my knee starts acting up on a gravel trail, following through for the next 11 miles isn't the best choice.

(Rockin' that runway limp after the Snoqualmie Valley Trail Half Marathon in June)

I've realized that sometimes, running isn't the best thing for my body.
Still... I keep doing it. I keep plotting out my runs, signing up for races (or entering contests for FREE ones: shout out to Gametiime!), and reading running blogs. Running, I just can't quit you. At least not yet.


I run because it gives me an excuse to wear Birks and socks (especially PRO Compression socks!).

I run because this is my face after a runless week due to a back strain.

And this is my face during my first run after a runless SIX weeks due to a knee injury.

I run because it gives me a chance to test out my cartography skills.

And also because my stick-straight hair looks freaking ridiculous after long runs.

I run because this girl is seriously disappointed with my walking pace.

And because this guy needed some serious encouragement to finish the Beat the Blerch 10k (or was it the other way around...).

I run because my home is beautiful, and best explored on foot.

Question Time! What's your #1 reason for running?

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