Saturday, April 26, 2014

App Review: Rock My Run

A few weeks ago, a representative from RockMyRun contacted me and asked if I'd try out their app on a few of my runs. I was immediately pumped; anyone else who has forgotten to update their running playlist on iTunes for the last six months can probably relate. I think I've heard most of these songs at least 100 times in varying order.

RockMyRun is an app that allows you to download DJ-created mixes to listen to while you're getting in an awesome workout. You can search for mixes by genre, length, BPM, whether or not there are explicit lyrics, and popularity among users. I chose a few different mixes to get a sense of the app, and definitely left impressed!

My first run with the app was going to be a solo half marathon along the Burke Gilman trail in search of beer and pretzels. I opened the app on my phone, found a mix that would be long enough for the duration, and clicked "play."

OH SHOOT. I realized I hadn't downloaded the mix to my phone while it was hooked up to my at-home wifi. Instead, the app started streaming the mix (awesome) which would've cost a bit more on my phone bill than I would've liked (not awesome). I made a mental note to download a bunch of mixes to my phone when I got home and gave my old running mix one last play.

My next run was a 4-miler, and I decided I wanted to make it a tempo run (faster second half). I chose Alternative Power, an hour long mix that would build in BPM to *hopefully* help me increase my pace without thinking too much about it.

Holy wow, it totally worked! Not only was the mix excellent (this girl loves Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Muse, and pretty much every other group featured), but the transitions between songs were seamless and my pace was definitely quicker during the second half of my run. In fact, I was so jazzed during the run that my 4-miler turned into a 5.3-miler with zero mental complaint on my part.

I've also listened to the RunChat Fan Mix and Girl on Fire on shorter runs, and I'll check another out tomorrow on my 10-miler. I maintain that Alternative Power is the best of the bunch; RunChat had some wonky transitions and the song selection just wasn't my fave for Girl on Fire, but the surprise of not knowing what would come next definitely added a little pep to my step.

Check the app out! There are two tiers of membership, with the 60+ minute mixes requiring a premium membership ($2.99/month). Let me know what you think, friends!

Do you have a go-to running playlist? If so, what song is the one you're always looking forward to?

Whenever the main title from "Game of Thrones" (by Ramin Djawadi) comes on, I pick up the pace just a tad. :)

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