Sunday, May 18, 2014

Running Reflection: May 12th - 18th and Snohomish Women's Run Race Reflection

Happy Runniversary to Meeeeee!

As I was driving up to Everett for the Snohomish Women's Run this morning, I realized this weekend last year I ran in my very first race: the Beat the Bridge 8k. What better way to celebrate my one year runniversary than to run a half marathon (my ultimate running goal for July '13) like it ain't no thang?

Despite running in a number of races over the last year (just counted bibs on my race bib "bunting" - nine, to be precise), this was only my second half marathon distance run. Everything else has ranged from 5-12k, and while I still trained for that 12k, the type of training is completely different when you're going for a 2-hour long run every weekend.

Anywhoodles, let's chat a bit about the Snohomish Women's Run.

This year was the inaugural race for both the 10k and the half marathon. Race director Porter Bratten is somewhat of a race god here in Seattle, responsible for the Mustache Dache 5k, the upcoming inaugural Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon and 10k, and the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon and 10k.

I have to say, everything from pre-race email communication to post-race nutrition was beautifully organized. This race went off without any hitches (well, that I could tell) and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Perhaps due to the location or the fact that this was the first year, this race was capped at just 500 participants between the two races, and checking the results (which are already online, thanks to Accustat Sports Timing), there were only 435 who actually finished. Of those 435, 155 were half marathon participants, the other 280 ran/walked the 10k. This small number of participants might very well have led to a fantastically-organized race, but I'm down! Especially when I don't feel like I'm swimming upstream throughout 13.1 miles. :)

  • Race bibs had NAMES on them. This has never happened to me before and I feel like it was a momentous occasion. Hearing volunteers cheering your name is probably the greatest feeling I've had since I got to lead the spelling test in first grade while my teacher had to use the bathroom.

  • Well marked course.
  • Beautiful route!
  • On-route hydration/carbohydrates:
    • Water (duh)
    • Ultima? I'd never heard of it before, but it was tasty! I actually felt a little more pep in my step after guzzling a few ounces.
    • Clif Shot Bloks. Definitely not my fave, but nice for people who like chews.
    • Clif Shot Gels.
  • Seriously almost everyone I spotted on the course was smiling. The volunteers (thank you so much!), the participants, random people walking their dogs on the route. It was so fun to run a race where people weren't acting stressed out about making a certain time, and instead were just rocking a nice long run.
  • Post-race nutrition:
    • KIND Bars aplenty
    • Orange wedges
    • Bananas
    • Zico coconut water
    • Some kind of proteiny drink? I assumed it had dairy/soy and veered away.
    • Mini pastries
    • Whole brain bread slices, Nutella, and peanut butter. <-- Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and should plan every race in the history of racedom.
  • Shuttle option for those of us not wanting to pay to park close to the race start/finish.
  • There was only one bus transporting runners (I heard somewhere there were supposed to be two) so the wait-time between shuttles was 30+ minutes. Not a big deal, but mentionable.
  • So my phone is probably the problem here, but it registered (via Nike+) a 13.25 mile course, and that my pace was 7 seconds/mile faster than my official time via Accustat. I know I should probably go with the race organizers on this one... but I sure liked my Nike pace better!
Overall, a super lovely, flat 13.1 miles up in Everett/Snohomish. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Oh yeah, and I PR'd (by 39 seconds, according to Mr. Amy-is-slower-than-she-thinks Accustat).

(PS - This was before everyone had finished the race to log their time.)

Here's how my week of training went:

  • Monday: Graduate school, rest day.
  • Tuesday: 3.73 miles / 8:52 pace. 65 minutes of Hatha yoga.
  • Wednesday: 5.83 miles / 8:56 pace. 60 minutes of Power yoga.
  • Thursday: Taper tantrum.
  • Friday: Taper tantrum.
  • Saturday: Taper tantrum.
  • Sunday: Snohomish Women's Half Marathon! 13.25 miles / 8:50 pace.

Total Distance: 22.82 miles
Average Pace: 8:52 per mile

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Taper, Amy. Taper. 2-3 runs of 3-5 miles this week before Sunday's half marathon. (Rocked it.)
  2. YOGA YOGA YOGA. Tuesday and Thursday. (Yep!)
  3. Keep focusing on my new calorie parameters and try to stay within reason on Saturday (ie: work on the "food is fuel" to "food makes me gain weight" ratio a bit).

Goals for Upcoming Week:
  1. Yoga twice.
  2. Try to run on Tuesday. 2-3 miles, nice easy pace.
  3. Saturday long run. Last July after my first half marathon, I completely fell off the long run wagon as soon as the half was over. I have another half in June (the Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon) so I've got to work on not losing distance.

What do you do when your personal mileage tracker (Garmin, phone, etc.) posts a different time and/or pace from the official race? Which pace and time do you count?


  1. Hi there! I saw your link on Gametiime. I was the one who sat next to you on the bus. Glad to hear you had a good race!

    1. Hi Meghan! Thanks so much for being my pre-race motivation buddy. :) How did your race go?

  2. Hi Amy! I thought I recognized you before the race -- but didn't get the chance to introduce myself. Glad you had a good run and hopefully we will meet at a future race!
    Check out my blog if you have the chance! (

    1. Hi Shannon! It has been so fun getting to know people in the local running community both online and off. Next time let's make a point to say HI! Lovin' your blog; can't believe you did a slime run, and I'm lovin' the dictionary definitions for your titles. :)