Sunday, May 25, 2014

Running Reflection: May 19th - 25th

Today's a super short entry, as I'm working on a final paper for my graduate class. I'll be more fun when I've turned it in, I promise!

Here's how my week of training went:

  • Monday: 60 minutes of Power Yoga.
  • Tuesday: 3.03 miles / 8:31 pace. First run post-race.
  • Wednesday: Last tech meeting of the year, and then my exercise became packing my car with my belongings for a housesitting adventure.
  • Thursday: I had other important things to attend to. Like a Backstreet Boys concert.

  • Friday: Family dinner night, walked the pug afterward.

  • Saturday: 6.00 miles / 9:01 pace. Was planning on 9, but my body wasn't feelin' it.
  • Sunday: Long walk around the neighborhood with an adorable (and very active) dog.

Total Distance: 9.03 miles
Average Pace: 8:51 per mile

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Yoga twice. (Dang, just got there once this week.)
  2. Try to run on Tuesday. 2-3 miles, nice easy pace. (Rocked it.)
  3. Saturday long run. Last July after my first half marathon, I completely fell off the long run wagon as soon as the half was over. I have another half in June (the Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon) so I've got to work on not losing distance. (Um, kinda? 6 miles isn't exactly long, but it's longer than my weekday runs.)

Goals for Upcoming Week:
  1. Yoga.
  2. Try to hit 10 miles next Saturday.
  3. Go on a hike!

How long does it take you to recover from races? Do you give yourself a bit of time off, or do you jump right back into your training?

I tend to take at least two days before I can run a short distance, and longer distances take me more recovery time. I also don't push myself too hard; I've given myself too many overuse injuries over this past year to do that again! I'm anxious about my next half in three weeks, but I know my body can do it. It's all a mental game, now. :)


  1. I try to give myself a full week off after a marathon and a few days for a half. Everything else gets maybe a day if I feel like I need it.

    1. This is helpful, Amelia. Thanks! I keep wondering when I'm going to get my long run mojo back (it's been a week, now) but I think it's not so much the half marathon last weekend and more that I'm coming down with a cold. :(