Sunday, June 15, 2014

Running Reflection: June 9th - 15th

This time of year is always one of mixed emotions. I said "goodbye" to my last group of kiddos this last Tuesday, and while I am so incredibly ready for a summer of sleeping in past six in the morning, reading books meant for people my age, and getting my workouts done in the morning hours (I am so not an afternoon/evening exerciser!), I already miss my students. By June we've got our routines figured out, we're productive, and we know each other so well. We can share freely and are open to listening to others around us. June students are hard to let go of; you've spent so much time helping them shape themselves into these amazing human beings!

While I can use the excuse of after school meetings and general exhaustion to make me feel better about my lackluster workouts this week, I'm getting to the point where I don't feel like I need to make excuses. On Wednesday, when the only excuse for me to not workout was that my oil change took way too long and I was ready for dinner by the time it was over, I reminded myself that a missed workout was not going to ruin all of the progress I've made over the last few years.

I can survive a missed workout. I can survive an intense workout. My body can adapt.

Here's to a summer "vacation" of exploring this remarkable world and getting a few more workouts in during the week. :)

Here's how my week of training went:

  • Monday: 65 minutes of Hatha yoga
  • Tuesday: No workout, 3 hour meeting after school where I drew this picture of Mount Pilchuck (while listening intently, of course):

  • Wednesday: No workout.
  • Thursday: 60 minutes of Power yoga. I am beyond amazed that I made it to this class after a 9 hour workday and a 3.5 hour CPR/First Aid class. I vote that this makes up for my failure to do any training runs during the week, this week!
  • Friday: No workout. I did, however, pack up all of my things in one of my two classrooms and move them to a different classroom at my school. That counts, right? My arms and back say that counts.

  • Saturday: 9.79 miles / 9:23 pace. My buddy Trevor ran with me, this weekend! This was my last "long run" before next Saturday's half marathon. Feeling good about it, despite the lack of training over the last two weeks.
  • Sunday: Family Father's Day hike up to Poo Poo Point! 7-8 miles of steady inclines, and I got the chance to test out my new gaiters, boots, and trekking poles!

Total Distance:  9.79 miles
Average Pace:  9:23 per mile

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Yoga twice (I've got two more sessions to use up by the 14th). (Met it!)
  2. Run 10 on Saturday. (Almost!)
  3. Father's Day hike with my family. (Rocked it!)
  4. STAY AWAY FROM THE CLASS PARTY SNACKS! (I'm actually super proud of myself for this one. The end of the year parties - I host four, one for each of my classes - can be brutal on my waistline!)
Goals for Upcoming Week:
  1. Try out my new Jaybird Sport BluebudsX headphones on my next training run. (Review to come!)
  2. Kick some serious booty at the Snoqualmie Valley Trail Half Marathon on Saturday.
  3. One 4-5 mile run, one 3 mile run. C'mon girl. Get with it.

If you could receive any one piece of fitness-related gear, what would you choose?

I won this pair of Jaybird Sport BluebudsX headphones last week for participating in The Golden Natives' Instagram contest! I've been eyeing them for a while, but couldn't fathom actually purchasing them for myself. I cannot WAIT to try them out on my next run!

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